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Software Engineering - Remote, Home-based

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Remote Remote (Home based)Deadline: May 31, 2022full time


You'll be supported with coaching and development through a mix of informal and formalised approaches, helping to develop your skills and meet your career goals.

Why we’re hiring

In a word, growth. This role is being vacated by a team member who has grown with us from the time they were a student on professional placement until today when we farewell them as a fully fledged software engineer pursuing their next adventure.

What you’ll look after

The main areas you’ll be responsible for are:

  • Ensuring that a clear understanding of requirements is achieved prior to the commencement of development of a specific task
  • Considering the technical design framework at a company, product or project level driven by your squad
  • Focusing on the functional and non-functional imperatives of the development tasks
  • Producing functional and technical outcomes in a timely fashion
  • Ensuring that the quality of the software meets defined standards
  • Working to expected project plans and maintenance schedules
  • Contributing to the definition and execution of goals (OKRs) for your chapter as defined on a quarterly basis

What you’ll do

During atypicalsprint, you can expect to:

  • Be involved in the entire software development life cycle specifically:
    • Requirements gathering
    • Technical design
    • Building
    • Testing
  • Support & maintenance of software deployments
  • Collaborate across multi-functional teams in an Agile environment to contribute to project success
  • Provide input into the technical design and implementation approach to projects
  • Use various software related methodologies, processes, standards and tools during required projects as directed
  • Investigate, analyse and problem solve development issues and bugs
  • Participate in collaborative reviews of peer code where required


Skills you’ll use

  • Strong communication, both written and verbal
  • Self-sufficient when working alone, whilst being a strong team player in squad settings
  • Strong time management and task estimation abilities
  • Ability to analyse code to find potential flaws, addressing security and performance concerns
  • Ability to solve problems and perform fixes
  • Demonstrable skills in producing measured quality outcomes, leveraging testing frameworks, tools and methodologies
  • Strong focus on SOLID principles
  • Familiarity with Kanban and Scrum methodologies, lean software development, and atomic design principles
  • Strong ability to learn and adapt to new technologies independently, following industry standards

Experience you’ll leverage

  • 2+ years of software engineering work experience as a full stack developer
  • Source control (e.g. GitHub, Git, etc)
  • C#, .NET Framework and .NET Core
  • Web frameworks and technologies (HTML, Javascript, CSS, VueJs)
  • MS SQL Server
  • CI/CD (we use Azure Pipelines)
  • REST/HTTP distributed systems
  • Good understanding testing methodologies and when to employ them
  • Both sides of a pull request, giving and receiving feedback to peers
  • Working with large applications in a support capacity
  • Exposure to any of the following technologies not required but viewed favourably:
    • AWS
    • Atlassian Suite (i.e. Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket)
    • Kentico
    • Docker and hosting (ECS, EKS, AKS)
    • Serverless technologies (Lambda, Azure Functions)
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